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Investment Options

Smart investment decisions today, leading to lasting generational wealth creation for tomorrow.

Making Each Alternative Investment Count

So many Alternative Investment Ideas!!

This multifamily, that storage, your colleague's son's hedge fund, your best friend's brilliant start-up idea, your broker's latest real estate pitch, or your financial advisor's newest stock investment strategy!!

You have decisions to make. Decisions that impact your family's financial future. Making mediocre decisions, some positive, some negative is a zero-sum game. Your Alternative Investment Dollars need to mimic your risk profile while providing you returns superior to the stock market. The options you choose, need to help put you on a path to financial freedom and wealth creation for you, your family, and generations to come.

We offer ideas and a basket of options, which offer diversified superior risk-adjusted returns. Some of the options presented have cash flow components, some have growth components and some have both. The options presented can be mixed and matched to create a unique basket for your individual needs. Let's engage, evaluate, and determine if any of these hand-selected options are a match for your wealth generation strategy.

The Fund: Multi Asset Generational

We are a diversified and customizable private equity fund that invests in multiple asset classes enabling passive income and generational wealth-building strategies (hence the name Multi Asset Generational). The fund invests in asset classes inclusive of real estate, startups, and other alternative investments.

Current investment options include:

The fund is a 506(c) fund open only for investment by Accredited Investors. Investments can be made in one or more of the investment options. Each of the options has a different requirement around minimum investment, risk, and return profile.

Please feel free to browse different investment options presented or connect with us to learn more about the options and make an educated decision if any of the options have a place in your Alternative Investment Portfolio.

Investment Options

Various Multi-Asset Generational Fund Investment Options Presented Below


Multi Family aka Apartments

Multi-Family aka Apartments offers one of the most lucrative, consistent, recession-resistant real estate asset classes from an investment perspective.

Even with the changing economy and high-interest rates, there are plenty of opportunities in the multi-family space. We opportunistically invest in value add B or C-class complexes in A or B-Class neighborhoods providing superior returns to our investors.

  • Strategy: Cash Flow and Growth

  • Minimum Inv: $25K

  • Projected Return: 17%+ IRR

  • Cash on Cash: 6%+

  • Preferred Return: 7%

  • Waterfall: 70-30

  • Hold Period: 5-7 Years


Short Term Rentals

Want to be a partial owner of a portfolio of Airbnb aka short-term rentals (STR) without operating them? Get quarterly cash flow without doing any of the work.

Our fund is vertically integrated, managing everything from acquisition of properties to hosting, and anything in between. This is your chance to enjoy the high returns from a well-managed STR portfolio.

  • Strategy: Cash Flow and Growth

  • Minimum Inv: $25K

  • Projected Return: 17%+ IRR

  • Cash on Cash: 6%+

  • Preferred Return: 8%

  • Waterfall: 70-30

  • Hold Period: 3-5 Years


ATM Fund

ATMs provide a valuable service in the marketplace, and the demographic that we serve has shown consistent usage of our machines. With new technology, ATMs are becoming Mini Bank Branches.

ATMs are one of our favorite asset classes. The strong cash-on-cash return, quick return of capital, and tax efficiency have made this an extremely popular investment.

  • Strategy: Cash Flow

  • Minimum Inv: $52K

  • Projected Return: 19%+ IRR

  • Cash on Cash:

  • Preferred Return: NA

  • Waterfall: NA

  • Hold Period: 4 Month - 7 Years


Tech Focused India PE

India's Growth Story is Unparalleled. With more than 1.4B people of which 34% are millennials, consumerism in India is leading to innovation and a Start-Up boom never seen before.

Participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity via our Tech-Focused India PE Fund, where we invest alongside marquee India-based VC in tomorrow's Unicorns.

  • Strategy: Growth

  • Minimum Inv: $100K, 4 Yearly Capital Calls

  • Projected Return: 25%+ IRR

  • Cash on Cash: 0%

  • Preferred Return: 8%

  • Waterfall: 80-20

  • Hold Period: 10-12 Year

Multi-Asset Generational is a diversified private equity

fund that enables passive income and generational

wealth-building strategies.

The fund invests in varies asset classes inclusive of real estate, tech-focused startups, and other alternative investment classes. To learn more about our investment strategy, our asset selection criteria as well as our due diligence process, book an appointment with our leadership team.


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